Imagine being daring. Being bold.Owning your voice.

Are you ready to rise to your greatness and share your message in front of thousands of people who are waiting for transformation?

Share your version of your story and bring your audience into your life experiences. It’s your story and you voice, own it.

Have the courage to share a story that only you can tell–let it guide you on your journey to transformation.

Speaking about our life experiences can be complicated, and painful. Perhaps you struggle to find the courage to talk about your story and move forward, and stepping onto the podium will help you realize that your story doesn’t belong to you, but to others who are waiting for transformation.

Be ready to navigate your journey to own your voice.

As a trainer, writer and inspirational speaker, I have a vocational calling to help teach women and survivors of abuse and torture how to share their message with confidence so that they can transform their lives and of those who come after them.

I speak to small and large audiences on behalf of organizations and leaders who are looking to raise funds to fight global issues and help survivors of violence and torture thrive again. I also offer corporate cultural training to help immigrants navigate and have a smooth integration into the American workspace.

I use my story as a point of reference, coming from abuse, and torture having to flee my home country during my third trimester to giving birth in a foreign land with no finances or family support. After overcoming my circumstances, redefining myself and answering to a greater call I now get to inspire fellow women to rise and not allow their circumstances to define them.

Own Your Voice

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You can not be defined by the darkest moments in your life!

Own Your voice

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