How I turned my pain into strength.

I help refugees integrate with their new communities through their compelling stories.

I partner with organizations to help victims of violence and torture find healing and find the courage to speak their truth to Own their voice.

No person fleeing violence should have to die on their way to seek refuge. Can we be inspired by the ones who have survived?

When refugees struggle, they rely on their own communities. Under the radar, there are organizations founded by refugees for refugees that provide services.

Our Stories Matter.

Let us make the world a better place

Refugees don’t need handouts, but they need empowerment. They know the value of hard work. Wether it’s cleaning your bathrooms, doing dishes or planting and harvesting soy beans, they will never leave a mark behind. When they walk into a host country, and you throw leftovers in front of them instead of asking them what skills they have, doesn’t help them much. Refugees want a place to have safety, find food and work, but I believe healing should be the primary and basic thing provided.

Have you ever met a refugee? 

Can you like or love anyone without knowing who they are? Have you ever heard a story of a refugee?  Just to point out the dangers of misinformation but I will point out that our friendship didn’t go beyond that evening.  It ended that moment.

There is only one person in this world who can fix you, speak your truth and your emotions. Finding your voice and sharing your truth will not only help you make sense of your life. During the process of healing, we may find the strength to share our pain with those who understand or can resonate with our message.

What Can You Do Help?

Employ refugees.If you are an employer- Give a refugee an opportunity to rebuild their life and give back to the community.

 Encourage your university to offer refugee scholarships.

Help refugees to integrate into a new culture.

Host refugees and asylum seekers in your home.  Donate. – UNHCR and many other organizations.

Hoping to inspire and unleash the abundance in every person.


Inspirational Speaking
Inspirational Speaker/Coach

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