Recounting my heartbreaking story of survival and how I found healing, I share a message of hope, courage, and resilience to inspire others find purpose and meaning despite the life challenges that they face. I empower them to view their difficulties as points of reference, sources of inspiration, and catalysts for change.

Be ready to navigate your journey into healing.Healing

It’s about healing Trauma and Finding Purpose.

Life is a process of sowing and reaping! A focused, consistent, positively motivated and disciplined character is essential to making your life story have a happy ending. Till your mental soil with determination.

Fertilize your emotional soil with positive words. And plant the seed of your heart’s desire with your disciplined efforts.

Healing Wounded Souls

I partner with organizations to support victims of violence and torture find healing and the courage to speak their truth to own their voices. No person fleeing violence should have to die on their way to seek refuge. Can we be inspired by the ones who have survived?

Healing Trauma

  • All of us are a resource for healing. We can’t heal over the weekend, but through the essence of investing energy and time, conscious and unconscious awareness.

Practicing Meditation: Can we use meditation to dissolve the pain endured through the trauma? How can we repair our wounded souls?

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