Patricia brings a message of hope to empowers ordinary women to Own their voices after trauma. She brings a message of Inspiration in front donors who are willing to support a mission of hope.

Rise Above Your Circumstances 

I will use my story as a point of reference, coming from abuse, and torture having to flee my home country during my third trimester to giving birth in a foreign land with no finances and going through a divorce. Overcoming my circumstances, redefining myself and answering to a greater call to inspire fellow women to rise and not allow their circumstances to define them. You are not defined by situations in your life

I will inspire audiences to find their greater purposes and calling in spite of challenges in their lives. The audience is empowered to view these difficulties as points of references, sources of inspiration, and catalysts for change. Audiences are called to make constructive choices to rebuild their lives and find inner healing.

I inspire others through practical, storytelling yet engaging and coaching using best practices she’s learned from being in the trenches in Corporate America and as an entrepreneur juggling business ownership with motherhood. I am also an author of my bestselling book Embracing The Scars. In my memoir, I share an inspirational story about my struggles growing up in South Africa, having a very difficult childhood, but never willing to give up on my dreams. Embracing The Scars

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