Patricia is the founder and CEO of Inspirational Girls. She started a brand designed to give women who want to move past the fear of owning their voice. Her goal is to help them find healing and create a lifestyle full of prosperity and success through sharing stories.

Patricia is an Inspirational Speaker and a #1 Best Selling Author of her book, Embracing The Scars. Patricia is a wife and a mother who takes pride in her leadership and volunteer work to give back to her community.


It’s Patricia ‘s mission to partner with organizations willing to fund education for girls in developing countries. Her mission is to help women entrepreneurs rise above their voice to success.

I’m more than a Coach/Author and Inspirational Speaker — I empower ordinary people to transform their lives by sharing their compelling stories. My goal is to lead you to an environment of new possibilities where transformation happens.


It is a small attempt to encourage the youth of Pakistan to step up and showcase their talents and skills through their desired ways. Children here are stuck in a shell that limits them from pursuing their dreams. Hence, I want to change that. 

In her words, ‘Zainab is a (12-year-old) author/poetess of a published and launched a book titled “My Pen Scribbles,” from Pakistan. I have written some of my life experiences in the guise of poetry. 

My poetry includes cakes, scrumptious cuisines, history and many more stories I’ve heard throughout my petite life.

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