Patricia is a speaker and business coach who helps female entrepreneurs reinvent their relationship to their ambition. She has inspired entrepreneurial audiences with her keynotes, interactive workshops to embrace a style of ambition.

She empowers women to Own their voice and share their compelling stories while they connect their purpose to their brand—whether personal or business—so that they can more authentically connect with, convert and serve their audience. She empowers and equips emerging entrepreneurs, professionals, and young girls with real-world strategies to build purpose-driven brands.

She does this through practical, storytelling yet engaging and coaching using best practices she’s learned from being in the trenches in Corporate America and as an entrepreneur juggling business ownership with motherhood. She is also an author of her bestselling book Embracing The Scars, where she shares an Inspirational story about her struggles growing up in South Africa, having a very difficult childhood, but never willing to give up on her dreams. Be Inspired! Be limitless.

Inspirational Speaking
Inspirational Speaker/ Coach

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