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A memoir is designed for you to share your own piece of story. You tap into your feeling, emotions and thoughts.I am excited that together we will lift as we climb, you live in humility, walk in your authority, stand in your power, lead from behind, shrink for no one and elevate as many people as you can touch. 

My African Story! What is Your Story? Transform Your Story Into A Memoir And Help Transform Lives.

Frequently Asked Questions About memoir writing and Self Publishing.

How can I get the book I’ve written published?

Do I need an agent?.? Please help.

I can’t think of anything to write about.

How many pages should my novel be?

What writing program should I use?

What advice do you have to give to aspiring writers?

My memoir writing process

In my book, I wrote about growing up on a farm, how I could smell cattle manure. I bring my audience with me throughout my journey. I bring them through the emotions and help feel and sense my emotions at the time. Human beings love connection, they want to feel included. The writing process was extremely therapeutic. I realized that I had been feeling guilty my entire adult life.


It’s Patricia ‘s mission to partner with organizations willing to fund education for girls in developing countries. Her mission is to help women entrepreneurs rise above their voice to success.

My Pen. My Scribbles

It is a small attempt to encourage the youth of Pakistan to step up and showcase their talents and skills through their desired ways Children here are stuck in a shell that limits them from pursuing their dreams.

In her words, ‘Zainab is a (12-year-old) author/poetess of a published and launched a book titled “My Pen Scribbles,” from Pakistan. I have written some of my life experiences in the guise of poetry. 

My poetry includes cakes, scrumptious cuisines, history and many more stories I’ve heard throughout my petite life.

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