Upcoming Gala- June- 2019

Join Us For a unique get together and premier fundraising event.

Do it for a good cause.What is your purpose? Are you a mover and a shaker with a desire to change the world? Maybe you always wanted to make a difference in the world, but you just haven’t found your purpose yet. It took me a while to find my purpose.

Are you interested in becoming part of an exceptional team? Join us for Inspiration, and transform your own life?

Learn how to start and build a powerful brand using your compelling story.

Together, let’s move past what’s holding you back and create a lifestyle full of success, happiness, and prosperity.

Do you want to be a published author? Say Yes!

I will help you take a journey to become a self-published author as you continue to build and grow a powerful brand.

GALA- June 22nd 2019

A unique get together and premier fundraising event.

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