Helping Women Step Into Greatness.

I am committed to inspiring women across the globe to transform their lives and learn how to rebuild their soul and focus on finding their voice again. Women learn to stand in their true greatness, push past their limitations and get into action to live a lifestyle filled Prosperity

Sharing a message of Hope and Inspiration.

Who do you know?

I partner with organizations to support victims of violence and torture find healing and the courage to speak their truth to Own their voice. No person fleeing violence should have to die on their way to seek refuge. Can we be inspired by the ones who have survived?

Healing Trauma

  • Recognizing Individual/Collective/Intergenerational Trauma
  • Recognizing ethical trauma.
  • All of us are a resource of healing. We can’t heal over the weekend, but through the essence of investing energy and time, conscious and unconscious awareness.

Supporting Personal Growth.

Practicing Meditation: Can we use meditation to dissolve the pain endured through trauma

Are we fixing collective or individual trauma?

The past is what is left in us reminding us of what happened .

Getting Rid of Fear- Fear is a conscious memory of the past.

Processing the emotional components may be extremely hard, that sometimes they will turn to activities that will help numb their pain.


Our Stories Matter

People who flee from violence want a place of safety, find food and work, but I believe healing should be the primary and basic thing provided for them to be able to move forward and intergrate with society.

There is only one person in this world who can fix you, speak your truth and your emotions. Finding your voice and sharing your truth will not only help you make sense of your life. During the process of healing, we may find the strength to share our pain with those who understand or can resonate with our message.

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