Don’t put your eggs in one basket.

One of the most important lessons I now know about building a long-term business, is to never be overly dependent on one form of media or one income stream.Things happen and you want to know that you can still put bread on the table if anything goes down unexpectedly.I found myself in a sticky situation not too long ago,but anyway life goes on and here are a few more tips …

Smart business owners make sure they are constantly adding in different communication channels to reach and connect with their audience.

They think of those channels as being supporting legs under a table.

One leg is a recipe for disaster.

Two legs, and the table will still easily fall over.

Three legs, and the table is somewhat stable.

But four legs or more, and that table will stay standing for a very long time.

So which media channels can you and should you start using in your own business?


Obviously email marketing is still very powerful.  People are getting a lot more of their entertainment on Facebook, but email is still reserved for more ‘business-related’ conversations.

Facebook Groups

Often people will only open 1 out of every 3 or 4 emails you send them.

But most people are on Facebook daily.  So it’s a second chance at capturing their attention.

You can set up a Facebook group in minutes for completely free. And it’s very easy to set up (‘Groups’ in your Facebook menu).


Getting subscribers on YouTube is great, because every time you release a new video on YouTube, ALL your subscribers get notified.

It’s like having a whole different list.

Video will allow you to connect with your audience in ways you just can’t through writing.

I still hate doing videos but I need to get over it because as an internet marketer you have to at some point be willing to move past that fear.

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